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MSHA Individual
Identification Number (MIIN)

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Who does this apply to?
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) personnel, mine operators, independent contractors, miners, state grantees, MSHA qualified and certified persons and approved instructors.

  • In addition to persons holding an MSHA certification to collect respirable dust samples and/or certification to maintenance and calibrate respirable dust sampling units, a MIIN is only required for persons applying for or modifying one of the following qualifications, certifications, or approvals:

      - Electrical Qualification Training, Low/Medium Voltage (Underground)
      - Electrical Qualification Retraining, Low/Medium Voltage (Underground)
      - Methane/Oxygen Qualification (Underground/Surface)
      - Hoisting Qualification (Underground/Surface)
      - Explosives/Blasting Qualification
      - Impoundment Qualification
      - MSHA Approved Instructors (Part 48 and Part 49, Electrical)
      - Underground Foreman
      - Underground Assistant Foreman
      - Preshift Examiner
      - Surface Foreman
What is a MIIN?
  • A MIIN is an MSHA Individual Identification Number

  • MIIN's will be substituted for the social security number, eliminating the need for miners to provide the SSN on documents submitted to MSHA

  • Use of the MIIN will help protect against identity theft
How do I get a MIIN?
  • Go online at then click on Forms/Online Filing, and then on MSHA Individual Identification Number Request (5000-46) .

  • Call the toll-free phone number 1 800-579-2647

  • Fill out MSHA Form 5000-46, "Request for MSHA Individual Identification Number (MIIN)" and Send by secure FAX to (303) 231-5474 or
    Mail to: Mine Safety and Health Administration
    Qualification and Certification Unit
    P.O. Box 25367, DFC
    Denver, CO 80225
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