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Fatality Prevention - Rules to Live By
Fatality Prevention - Rules to Live By

"Rules to Live By" is an initiative to improve the prevention of fatalities in mining. Through a first phase of industry outreach and education followed by enhanced enforcement, the focus will be on 24 frequently cited standards (11 in coal mining and 13 in metal/nonmetal mining) that cause or contribute to fatal accidents in the mining industry in 9 accident categories.

MSHA analyzed the cause of death of hundreds of US mining fatalities over a ten year period to identify the conditions and practices that contributed to the fatalities, safety standards violated, root causes, and abatement practices. The result is our four part Rules to Live By initiative that focuses on 29 standards that apply to coal mines and 20 standards applying to metal and nonmetal mines.



The nine accident categories are:

Many miners over the years have lost their lives in these types of accidents. All of us - MSHA, mine operators, contractors, miners' representatives and miners - must focus on why these accidents happen and how to stop them. MSHA will provide operators program and resource information, such as engineering suggestions, and reach out to miners and miners' representatives during inspections to ensure that mine operators and miners have information to address and eliminate workplace hazards.

Compliance with safety and health standards is the responsibility of mine operators. While MSHA supports education and outreach efforts to assist the mining industry in improving mine safety and health, MSHA is charged with ensuring consistent and strict compliance with safety and health standards, and expects operators to foster a culture of zero tolerance for violations in their operations, including violations by contractors. Please share this information with all of your members and constituents.

MSHA has compiled reference material on this page to help operators, contractors, supervisors, miners' representatives, miners, and other members of the mining community to focus on these 24 standards and 9 categories and improve safety and health in America's mines.

Important Information from the Assistant Secretary

Charts and Analysis

Accident Investigation Reports

Enforcement Summaries


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