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Anthracite Mining (Underground)

  1. Pre-Shift Examinations of Underground Mines
        - Video shows two mine foremen conducting typical pre-shift inspections at two different underground anthracite mines.

  2. Haulage and Hoisting in Underground Anthracite Coal Mining
        - Various haulage and hoisting systems typically found in anthracite coal mining areas are depicted and explained with reference to any hazards asso- ciated with each system as well as the measures needed for compliance with applicable 30 CFR regulations.
    NOTE: This video is a taped version of the slide-tape program.

  3. Timbering in Underground Anthracite Mines
        - Timbering is the most common roof support method used in underground anthracite mines. The system of timbering is governed by the character of the top and bottom, thickness of the coal vein, pitch of the coal vein, life of the entry, haulage system, and the operator's approved roof control plan. This videotape demonstrates the fundamentals and characteristics used in installing typical timber sets: single prop, post and bar (two-piece sets), and "double timber" (three-piece sets).

  4. Timbering in Underground Anthracite Mines
        - Building a 3 Piece Set