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Approved Equipment with a Diesel Particulate Filter

Part 36 (Schedule 31) approved permissible diesel-powered equipment presently operating in underground coal mines must comply with the requirements specified under section 72.500(b) of subpart D of Part 72 by July 19, 2002. Manufacturers of Part 36 approved diesel-powered equipment have applied for and received approval for adding a diesel particulate filter to their permissible diesel-powered equipment to meet these requirements. If a coal mine operator owns Part 36 approved equipment that does not have an optional exhaust particulate filter kit available from its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or wants to install either another company's exhaust particulate filter design or their own design, that mine can apply for a Part 36 field modification. Coal mine operators have applied for and received a field modification acceptance for adding a diesel particulate filter to their existing permissible diesel-powered equipment. These field modifications can be any of the following type:
  1. Installation of a new power package with an exhaust particulate filter. (e.g. convert from a wet scrubber system to a dry exhaust conditioner with an exhaust particulate filter.)

  2. Installation of another equipment/power package manufacturer's exhaust particulate filter kit that was previously evaluated and approved by MSHA.

  3. Installation of the mine's own exhaust particulate filter design.
Field modifications to Part 36 approved diesel-powered equipment are processed through Technical Support - Approval and Certification Center's (A&CC) Mechanical Safety Division. Information on how to apply for a field modification of a Part 36 approved machine can be obtained from the following contacts:
    A&CC — Mechanical and Engineering Safety Division
    Contact: Gary Clark
    Phone: (304) 547-2068
    Contact: Jeff Moninger
    Phone: (304) 547-2324