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Diesel Issue Resolution Team Action Table

In collaboration with the Coal Diesel Partnership and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, MSHA formed the Diesel Issue Resolution Team at MSHA's Approval and Certification Center (A&CC). Major technical issues affecting the implementation of Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) filtration technology on both permissible and non-permissible vehicles in underground coal mines were identified. The following Action Table provides the Coal Mining Community with background information on specific diesel issues and actions taken by MSHA to resolve them. A&CC contacts that can provide you with more information are listed. Enforcement questions and issues should be directed to Melinda Pon, 202-693-9516, or Bob Thaxton, 202-693-9515,

MSHA - Diesel Issue Resolution Team Action Table


Action Table

Diesel Issue



Lack of information and guidelines on diesel particulate filters.

More Information

Diesel Web Site Upgrade Coal Mine DPM Filter Selection Guide, Best Practices, Hazard Alerts, and Program Information Bulletins to be added.

Jim Angel, 304-547-2064

Eimco Part 36 machine filter retrofits.

More Information

Retrofit solutions available from Eimco.

Contact Eimco at 304-327-0260.

Field modification applications for mine operator designed filter retrofits may also be submitted to MSHA.

Gary Clark, 304-547-2068

Wagner Part 36 water makeup tank design-possible engine damage and vent hole in scrubber.

More Information

New pinch valve design available from Wagner.

Contact Greg Beehler at Wagner, 503-251-3036.

Request info on P/N 5575444600

Mike Snyder, 304-547-2047

NO2 emissions from catalyzed ceramic filters.

More Information

Lab tests quantified NO2 emissions from various filters. Current information: PIB-02-4, PIB-02-07

Russell Stackpole, 304-547-2061

Ceramic filters - Active vs. Passive applications.

More Information

Compliance assistance is available to mine operators to determine machine temperature profiles.

Jeffery Moniger 304-547-2324
Denise Coyle 304-547-2037

Part 36 safety system exhaust gas temperature shutdown sensor reliability.

More Information

New shutdown sensor (sprinkler head) available.

Sensors have been approved for use on certain systems. Mine operators can contact MSHA for approval on specific machines.

Jim Angel, 304-547-2064

Part 36 scrubber water level indicator.

More Information

Early warning indicator for low make-up tank water level, prototype complete. Field trials completed.

Phil McCabe, 304-547-2315

Wayne Colley, 304-547-2067

Ceramic filter regeneration stations

More Information

Safety and health issues with regeneration stations addressed in Best Practices.

George Saseen, 304-547-2072

Engine Maintenance - Emissions

More Information

Training video completed & available on request.

Bob Setren, 304-547-2070

Engine Maintenance - CO Emissions Check

More Information

Repeatable loaded engine test described in §75.1914(g) and NIOSH EAMP report. Also Engine baseline CO levels posted, see row titled §75.1914(g).

Best Practice 1
Best Practice 2

Jim Angel, 304-547-2064

"Paper" filters availability.

More Information

Filter Listing, additional "paper" filters are being tested on request. An updated Filter Listing is posted.

Russell Stackpole


Engine performance at high altitudes.

More Information

Emissions from electronically controlled and turbocharged engines operating at high altitudes have been evaluated.

Alternatives to fuel deration, i.e. timing adjustment to control emissions at altitude have been evaluated for effectiveness.

High Altitude Engine Approval Strategy developed.

Bob Setren, 304-547-2070

Russell Stackpole, 304-547-2061

Electronically controlled (cleaner) Part 36 permissible engines.

More Information

Electronically-controlled engines are being evaluated to determine ways to make them explosion-proof.

Phil McCabe, 304-547-2315

George Saseen, 304-547-2072

Industry Outreach

More Information

DPM training and workshops available upon request.

NIOSH's Diesel-Underground e-mail list server provides a means for quickly requesting or sharing information on the application of control technologies that reduce emissions, workplace concentrations, or personal exposures to DPM in mines.

George Saseen, 304-547-2072

George Schnakenberg, Jr., 412-386-6655

Rose Ann Crotsley, 412-386-6609

Use of insulating materials on exhaust systems of Part 36 permissible diesel-powered machines.

More Information

Developing an Insulation Criteria to evaluate the performance and use of insulating materials installed on exhaust systems of permissible diesel-powered machines. Field trials underway.

Bob Setren, 304-547-2070

Phil McCabe, 304-547-2315

Engine Backpressure


Developing engine backpressure policy for measurement and maximum pressures.

George Saseen, (304) 547-2072


George Schnakenberg, Jr., (412) 386-6655

Availability of Permissible Equipment with Newer Permissible Engines


Developed Policy to enable diesel power package and equipment manufacturers to apply for permissible engine applications under certain conditions.

Robert Setren, (304) 547-2070


George Saseen, (304) 547-2072

New Technology

More Information

The following products have been evaluated to determine if they can be of benefit to mine operators in meeting the dpm regulations:

Mention of any company name or product does not constitute endorsement by MSHA.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst (fuel catalyst)

Fuel Preporator (fuel filtration and delivery system)

Ecomax (creates positive polarity charge in fuel)

Maxma (fuel catalyst) - lab testing has been requested.

Maganas (based on release of hydroxyl radicals)

Emissions Technology (catalyst)

Mirenco's DriverMax
(reduces emissions through a throttle delay and throttle stop that are programmed through a hand-held computer)

ArvinMeritor's Thermal Regenerator (particulate trap with a passive thermal regeneration system)NIOSH/MSHA field and lab tests proposed.


Rypos High Temperature Diesel Exhaust Filter


ESW's Diesel Particulate Reactor (tested three models)


Underground Diesel Technologies and Filter Service and Testing Corporation's Cooled Filter Housings with DOCs and synthetic fuel combinations


Donaldson's Spiracle Blowby Recycling System


Synpar 200 Synthetic Fuel


S-2 Synthetic Fuel


Planned product testing within the next 12 Months:


Longview's NOx Reducer


Mine Technologies International'sHyDrive


Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel tests


Biodiesel fuel blends

Jeff Moninger, 304-547-2324

George Saseen, 304-547-2072