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PowerPoint® Presentations from
2002 Compliance Assistance Workshops on Diesel Rule

MSHA conducted a series of outreach seminars around the nation during September and October 2002 to assist metal and nonmetal underground mine operators in complying with regulations addressing the use of diesel powered equipment. The seminars addressed enforcement issues and answered questions about provisions of the rule including compliance determination, the interim concentration limit, maintenance, environmental monitoring and recordkeeping. A less structured workshop on diesel particulate matter (DPM) controls and sampling was held in the afternoon. These are the presentations that were given.

Comments/questions on the DPM Rollout or DPM sampling presentation can be sent by e-mail to or mailed to:
    Bill Pomroy
    Metal/Nonmetal Mine Safety and Health, Duluth District Office

    Federal Building, U.S. Court House
    515 W. 1st Street #333
    Duluth, MN 55802-1302

    The telephone number is 218-720-5448
Comments/questions on the Estimator or its example can be sent by e-mail to or mailed to:
    George Saseen
    Approval and Certification Center

    765 Technology Drive
    Triadelphia, WV 26059

    The telephone number is 304-547-2072.
The presentations are being offered as PDF or as Powerpoint®. The sample Estimator Sheet is an Excel® spreadsheet. It is also in PDF format.

DPM Rollout Meeting - 10/16/2002 DPM Sampling DPM Estimator Rollout DPM Estimator Rollout Example
  • PDF
  • Excel Spreadsheet