NIOSH List-Server

NIOSH has started a list server to provide an open forum for sharing information and experiences concerning the applicaton of diesel control technologies in underground mines.
If you have any questions or problems, contact Ed Thimons at NIOSH at (412-386-6683) or email him at

A list-server has been established by the diesel team at NIOSH, Pittsburgh in response to the expressed and obvious need for a means to disseminate and share information and experiences concerning the application of available technologies for the reduction of miner exposures to diesel particulate matter and gaseous emissions in underground mines.

A list server is an email distribution mechanism whereby the simple act of sending an email message (called posting) to the email address of the list server, causes that message to be sent to all those persons who have signed up to receive this email (subscribers to this list server). Those receiving that message can choose:
    *     to reply to the sender only;
    *     to reply to the list (and thus to all subscribers), or
    *     to ignore the message.
The content of the messages should be to relate experiences, to offer suggestions, and to pose questions. As more join the list and are willing to participate, the greater will be the opportunity to share the knowledge gained from actual experiences with the technologies. As email knows no boundaries, the diesels-underground list server is open to and welcomes world-wide participation.

If you are a person who is concerned with any aspect of the application of diesel emission control technologies in underground mines, you are invited to join and participate in this list server.

You can JOIN the DIESELS-UNDERGROUND-L list server by placing the following line
as the only text in the body of an email message with subject left blank addressed to
    Example: If your name is Jane Ann Doe, you would put the following in the body of the email:


    The alternative is

The list server will respond with an email message to which you MUST REPLY as instructed.

After replying to the list server's message, you should receive a confirmation of subscription, and a couple of welcome messages. Please read and save these messages from the list server. One provides important information on the operation of the list server including the email address for posting messages. The other is a welcome message containing additional information about the content of posted messages.

NOTE: The list of members will not be publicly accessible or accessible to any other list member excepting the list owners. However, you cannot post to the list anonymously. Members (subscribers) and nonmembers alike will be allowed to post; however, only subscribers to the list will receive the posting. Since this list is neither moderated nor edited, the content of a posting is the sole responsibility of the person posting the message and not the responsibility of the list owner or the US federal government organization (CDC-NIOSH-PRL) hosting the server.