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Mining Hearing Loss Prevention
Workshop 2005

MSHA participated in a "Mining Hearing Loss Prevention Workshop" held in Charleston, West Virginia on June 21-22, 2005. Presentations given on the 21st including: Deputy Administrator for CMS&H, John Langton's keynote speech, plus during the 3:00-5:00 session titled "Examples of successful applications of engineering noise controls" and the enforcement session presentations given on the 22nd are being posted to give those not able to attend access to the presentation materials. Other presentations given during these sessions will be added as permission to post them is obtained.

For any inquiry contact: Gregory B. Meikle- Phone; (202) 693-9528, or email;

These files may be downloaded and/or printed.

Questions and Answers
  • Questions and Answers
  • from the Enforcement Session June 22, 2005

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Langton Noise Workshop�
Langton Noise Workshop
  • The noise Experience in the U.S. Where to From Here?
  • Keynote Speech by John Langton, Deputy Administrator for CMS&H

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Mining Hearing Loss Prevention�
Mining Hearing Loss Prevention
  • The noise Experience in the U.S. Where to From Here?
  • PowerPoint outlining John Langton's keynote speech

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E_A Feasibility�
E_A Feasibility
  • Technologically Achievable Engineering & Administrative Controls Plus Economic Achievability
  • Overview of the information contained in PIB 04-18 and the associated economic feasibility

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Mine Health Inspection
Mine Health Inspection
  • Enforcement Policy Training
  • Training outline for MSHA enforcement of 30 CFR Part 62

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Part 62 - Train the Trainer�
Part 62 - Train the Trainer
  • One MSHA Noise Committee ppt
  • Comprehensive view of the One MSHA Noise Committee

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Sound Directives...
Sound Directives
  • Volvo CE
  • Volvo CE sound and vibration reduction strategy

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Joy Mist Drilling System
Air-water drilling system

CAT 793 CXQ Added 07/29/2005
Sound Reduction
  • Cat 793XQ Sound Reduction
  • Engineering noise control development and implementation for the 793CXQ mining truck

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