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This spreadsheet contains a list of hearing protectors with their noise reduction ratings. This list is updated by MSHA's Directorate Technical Support every six months. Below are two links to that file. One is an Excel Spreadsheet for viewing or downloading, the other is PDF version.

Please Note:
It is difficult to check with each hearing protector device (HPD) manufacturer or dealer to get updates of new or discontinued products, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. Manufacturer's revisions to the data should be submitted to MSHA by contacting David Zuchelli at 412-386-4823 or by e-mail at

Users may find old, discontinued or changed HPD name or model numbers on the list. Companies may have purchased a large supply of such HPDs and continue to use them. In the case of earmuffs, miners may still be using a muff that was purchased five or more years ago--the muff may be used rarely and kept where light will not deteriorate the foam or rubber components. Therefore, MSHA continues to show these older models on the list.

File Downloads
Revised July 2016
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Excel Spreadsheet - Either right click and save to your PC or double click to either save or open. view.

Download the  File PDF Version

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