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In 1999, MSHA published new Health Standards for Occupational Noise Exposure. The rule took effect on September 13, 2000. This page is a single source page for all documents and resources related to this new rule to protect miners from hearing loss. Most of the documents are in PDF format.


    •    Resource Page

This page contains the Noise Control Resource Guide, as well as many more useful tools.

Rules and Regulations

    •    30 CFR Part 62 - Occupational Noise Exposure

    •    Federal Register notices and related documents

    •    Transcripts of Public Hearings

    •    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Link to Section 721.560 - Construction Noise Control - "Big Dig Noise Control Law"

Compliance Assistance Materials

    •    Compliance Guide

A Guide to MSHA's Occupational Noise Exposure Standard

    •    Program Information Bulletin P14-02

The purpose of this PIB is to provide guidance to operators, miners, miners' representatives, contractors, and equipment manufacturers on technologically and administratively achievable engineering and administrative noise controls.

    •    Fact Sheet