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Here you will find resources to help you comply with the new rule. We will be adding more resources as time goes on so please check back often.

Some or all of the files available on this page are PDF. For more information on PDF, PDF readers and accessibility issues, please use this link.

Noise Control Resource Guide (All files are PDF)

Prior to the Occupational Noise Standard (30 CFR 62) becoming effective, MSHA made a series of three Noise Control Guide volumes available for comment on its Noise Rule Single Source Page/Resources Page. Recently, MSHA expanded the material in these volumes for use as a resource by mine operators toward achieving compliance with the noise standard. This revised Noise Control Resource Guide is comprised of three self-contained volumes: Underground Mining, Surface Mining, and Mills and Preparation Plants.


  • Surface Mining
  • Underground Mining
  • Mills and Preparation Plants
  • Compliance Assistance Materials

  • Compliance Guide
  • A Guide to MSHA's Occupational Noise Exposure Standard
  • Program Information Bulletin P14-02
    The purpose of this PIB is to provide guidance to operators, miners, miners' representatives, contractors, and equipment manufacturers on technologically and administratively achievable engineering and administrative noise controls.
  • More Resources

  • Workshop Materials
  • Noise Enforcement Workshops 2005
  • Mining Hearing Loss Prevention Workshop 2005

  • IG32 - A Guide to Conducting Noise Sampling

  • IR 1347 - Reducing the Noise Generated During Air-Arc Goughing Can be as Simple as Flipping a Switch

  • Wave File Comparisons of Constant Current and Constant Voltage Settings
    (Powerpoint® Show)

  • Audiometric Testing Reference Guide for MSHA's Occupational Noise Exposure Standard

  • Hearing Protectors

    A list of hearing protectors with their noise reduction ratings (PDF). A downloadable Excel spread sheet is also available.

  • Hearing Protectors

  • PowerPoint® Presentations -
    The PowerPoint presentations we are providing represent a status report on Coal Mine Safety and Health's ongoing efforts to identify practical engineering and administrative noise controls for certain types of mining equipment.
    The presentations represent the findings of six CMS&H Noise Teams. These teams have been working since July to identify practical engineering and administrative noise controls for specific types of mining equipment.

  • See Presentations

  • Hearing Loss Tool Box Talks
    MSHA has developed a series of presentations that can be used by the mining community as a training resource in the area of noise and hearing loss prevention. This program series provides brief discussions of several topics including noise exposure surveys, health effects of noise, hearing conservation programs, hearing protective devices, audiometric testing, and noise controls.

  • See Talks

  • NIOSH Mining Software - Hearing Loss Simulator (HLSim)

    The Hearing Loss Simulator (HLSim) is a Windows' based program that displays a "control panel" for playing sounds while adjusting the simulated effects of noise and aging.

  • Download Simulator