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Blind Area Elimination: Video Cameras on Surface Haulage Equipment

As surface haulage trucks continue to get larger, the corresponding blind areas are also getting larger. Since 1987, there have been 58 fatalities in the mining industry involving haul trucks where restricted visibility was determined to be a contributing factor. In these accidents, the equipment operator did not expect a person or vehicle to be in the immediate area. This is a serious safety concern throughout the mining community. The increased production levels afforded by the ever increasing size of haulage equipment must not be at the expense of miners' safety. The Mine Safety and Health Administration strongly supports the use of video cameras in large haulage vehicles to help solve this problem.

Video Cameras for Surface Haulage Equipment

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  •   What You Can't See Could Kill Someone! (VC-951) - MSHA Video Clip
    The video cassette, "What You Can't See Could Kill Someone!" (VC-951), is available from MSHA. For information on obtaining this video, please contact our Distribution Center at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy at (304) 256-3257.