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Mr.John Doe
District Manager
District *
U.S. Department of Labor
Mine Safety and Health Administration
XYZ Street
Whatever, VA 10000

Re: Installation of Video Camera Systems on Large Surface Haulage Equipment

Dear Mr. Doe:

This letter is to inform the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) of (NAME OF COMPANY) intention to install and evaluate an on-board camera system at the (NAME OF MINE) located at (ADDRESS OF MINE). The on-board camera system will be installed on the following equipment:

Equipment Manufacturer      Model     Type     VIN

The equipment that is to be used will be identified and will be equipped with all required safety equipment and warning devices. We plan on installing the following on board camera system:

Manufacturer - Model - Type - Quantity - Location of camera on each vehicle - Supplier - Contact - Phone

We expect to install the on-board camera systems on or about (EXPECTED DATE OF INSTALLATION). We intend to evaluate these systems for a period of ( MAXIMUM EXPECTED TIME TO COMPLETE EVALUATION) to test the reliability and feasibility of the camera system. We are not eliminating any safety devices or safety procedures because of these installations.

Our mine will maintain the video equipment according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The surface haulage equipment will be equipped with all required safety equipment and warning devices. Equipment operators will be trained to use all existing procedures to ensure that miners are clear of the haulage equipment in order to move the haulage equipment safely. Miners will be trained to use all existing procedures to stay clear of moving equipment and should not rely on the video cameras to warn the equipment operator of their presence. This training will include instruction to employees to approach all heavy mobile equipment only after receiving positive confirmation from the equipment operator.

Our intent is to try and make these systems work. We intend to fix them on a priority basis if they fail. Until repaired, personnel are to turn the cameras off and operate per normal safe operating procedures, as if the camera systems were never installed.

We reserve the right to remove the test cameras if we determine the need to do so. If we determine the need to do so, MSHA and all affected employees will be notified if the on-board camera systems are disabled or permanently removed from the mobile equipment. We understand that MSHA will not consider a failure or shutdown of the onboard camera system during the evaluation period to be a defect affecting safety and a violation of safety standards provided the company adheres to the conditions set out above.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.