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Exploding Tire Hazard

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Mine Type: All Mines
Category: General Safety; Haulage and Transportation; and Maintenance

Exploding Tires While attempting to plug a tire, three men were seriously injured when the tire exploded. Reportedly, the left rear tire had been partially inflated with a can of "fix-a-flat" and topped off with oxygen from the cutting torch tanks mounted on the truck. When it was noticed that the tire was leaking again, one of the men reamed the hole in preparation for inserting a plug. As the reaming tool was being removed, the tire exploded. The men were thrown approximately ten feet from the truck, resulting in serious injuries to all three.

  • Never use oxygen to fill tires, as it is extremely hazardous.
  • Never use tire-sealing products containing flammable compounds.

  • It was not mentioned in the report whether the "fix a flat" product contained a flammable propellant, however, in 1999, Pennzoil recalled their "Fix A Flat" product which did contain propane and butane propellants and, replaced them with a non-flammable propellant. Other manufacturers of like products may or may not have followed suit and older cans of these aerosols containing hydrocarbon propellants may still be on warehouse shelves, in cars, trucks, or otherwise available for use. For additional tire hazard information, click on and open the link entitled "Special Tire Hazard Alert".

    Reissued: 04/08/2003
    Tag # AP2003-M092

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