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Think - Before, During, and After the Task

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Mine Type: All
Category: General Safety

Before performing any routine tasks, review the procedures required to do the job safely and learn to recognize and eliminate hazardous conditions that may be encountered. New or non-routine tasks may not have established safety procedures in place. Darla Seider of Brownwood, Texas suggests that when anyone performs new tasks, they should: SLAM Risks
  1. Before starting, analyze the potential hazards in performing the task and make a plan on how to complete the task safely.
  2. Pause in the middle of the task to observe the progress and any unexpected and potential hazards that may be developing.
  3. After completing the task, evaluate all procedures used. Documentation and photos of each step of the task will permit others to observe if potential hazards were encountered that could have resulted in an injury.
Analyze the procedures used to safely and successfully complete the task and incorporate them into the established practices.

This philosophy is similar to MSHA's "SLAM/RISKS" program. Additional information on it can be obtained at:
MSHA - SLAM Risks the Smart Way - Safety and Health Outreach Program Home Page

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Issued: 05/20/2009
Tag # AP2009- 0096776