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Roof Bolter Drill Boom Tip

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Mine Type: Underground Coal
Category: Section Face Equipment, Roof & Rib
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A roof bolter operator was injured when the mounting brackets for the boom lift jack failed, causing it to fall and strike him on the leg. The boom lift jack failed because some of the bolts holding the mounting brackets had loosened and the other bolts had completely fallen out. He was using the drill chuck to tighten a roof bolt, instead of a wrench. The drill chuck got caught on the roof bolt. The roof bolter operator attempted to lower the drill boom but the lift jack rose instead of the boom lowering. When the drill chuck unfastened, the lift jack was not in place to hold the boom.

Roof Bolter Drill Boom Tip Roof Bolter Drill Boom Tip

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Issued: 10/06/2005
Tag # AP2005-M90943