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Driller's Fall Protection

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Mine Type: All Surface
Category: Fall Protection and Drilling/Blasting/Explosives

Tomas Moreno, a drill operator at Jobe Concrete McKelligan Canyon Mine, recommends the following drilling procedure. Driller's Fall Protection

First, lay out the drill pattern. Then, drill the second row back from the face of the high wall. The vibration of the drill will help make defects at the edge of the wall more apparent.

Re-inspect the ground surface for signs of cracks or separation prior to drilling the first row of holes. When drilling the first row, use the previously drilled holes in the second row as a tie-off location for a T bar.

DO NOT tie-off to the drill. If the wall should fail and the drill goes over, it will take you with it.

MSHA advises anyone on a drill bench that depending on unique geologic conditions that may be present, the method described above may or may not be the best fall protection procedure. In such cases, other fall protection methods may be preferred.

MSHA extends a thank you and a tip of the hardhat to
Tomas Moreno of El Paso, Texas ,
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Issued: 03/11/2005
Tag # AP2005- M90863