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Driving Left at Dump Points

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Mine Type: All Surface
Category: Haulage and Transportation

Driving Left at Dump Points Many surface cracks around dump points indicate dangers to operators of large haul trucks dumping near them. Whether you operate a "small truck" or "large truck" each can have enough weight to cause the edge to break away on a weakened slope.

Equipment operators need to be alert for the presence of cracks. A crack can be an indication that the slope has moved. If the material is not stable under its own weight, the added weight of a haul truck may cause the material to slide. Report any cracks to your supervisor and stay clear until the area is determined to be safe.

Driving Left at Dump Points Some operations "drive left" on piles so that on the approach the driver is in a better position to observe the dump area and to check for cracks and make sure that the berm is adequate. Persons should still inspect the area by ground; however, driving left at dump points, provides another "set of eyes" to inspect a potentially hazardous area.

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Issued: 08/22/2010
Tag # AP2008- 96037