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Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
Miner's Tip

Be Aware of Electrical Hazards!

Safety Something YOU can live with!
Mine Type: All Underground Mines
Category: Electrical, Longwalls, Mobile Equipment & Section Face Equipment

During the 12 months ending with February 2004, there were six electrical fatal accidents in the mining industry caused by contact with live electrical conductors or energized machine parts. To eliminate these accidents:

Be Aware of Electrical Hazards!

  • Familiarize yourself with the work area, and be aware of any hazards.

  • Inspect all cables for damage including nearby cables.

  • Lock out and tag circuits. Test all circuits to ensure that they have been de-energized before beginning work.

  • Take electrical measurements to identify any stray electrical currents. Do repair work at a safe distance from any energized cables.
Taking a few extra minutes to examine the work area may save your life!

Issued: 03/17/2004
Tag # AP2004-M102

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