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Miner's Tip

Energized Receptacle Hazards

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Mine Type: All Underground Mines
Category: Electrical, Longwalls, Mobile Equipment, Section Face Equipment

A recent accident dramatically shows the tremendous electrical energy available at power center receptacles. In this accident, the receptacle was used to set off a round of shots. The receptacle contacts were accidentally shorted when the detonator cable was connected to the receptacle. An arcing fault occurred, vaporizing much of the receptacle's contact material. The miner died from his injuries. Arcing faults of this type can not only burn flesh, but the vapors can cause deadly damage to lungs.

Energized Recepticles

Connections should never be made to energized receptacles. Ground wire monitor circuits should never be bridged to allow receptacles to be energized.

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Issued: 01/08/2004
Tag # AP2003- M099