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First Aid Kits

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Category: General Safety
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Need a bandage? How about a bottle of eyewash? Maybe a little burn ointment? No problem, there's some in the first aid kit. What!!! It's gone? I don't understand. I got some last week. Did I tell anybody? Ah, well, no, but someone should have noticed that we were getting low on supplies.

First Aid Kits Sound familiar? First aid kits are a wonderful thing to have when you need them. But it is easy to forget to tell someone that you took a bandage. It is also easy to forget to check them for low supplies. Ben Caplan of Alden, Iowa has offered a solution that works at his operation.

As he tells it:

MSHA would like to add another tip on this subject. Use a seal wire to seal the first aid kit. If supplies are needed, the broken seal wire makes it easy to see that the kit contents need checked and /or replaced during the month.
Issued: 01/12/2005
Tag # AP2004-M103

MSHA extends a thank you and a tip of the hardhat to
Ben Caplan,
a winner of a limited edition sticker and patch.

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