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Get Out And Look

Safety Something YOU can live with!
Mine Type: All Mines
Category: Haulage and Transportation, Mobile Equipment and Maintenance

Get Out an Look Whether you are operating a front-end loader, haul truck, mobile crane or a pick-up truck, your vision is generally impaired when you sit in the operator's seat. When you are working in a new area in the mine or if the conditions have changed in a familiar area it's a good idea to get out of your equipment and inspect the work area before performing your job. Larger front-end loaders are often equipped with large decks above the engine compartment which allow you to scan the work area for hazards, smaller pieces of mobile equipment and other miners.

     A serious accident was recently avoided when a loader operator noticed that a pickup truck that had been near his work area wasn't visible. At some point, the operator lost track of the truck. Getting no response on his radio, the operator stopped his machine for a moment, climbed onto the engine deck and found the truck had stalled behind the loader and its radio was not operative due to the electrical failure. If he had continued backing up, he would have run over the truck. Fortunately, the loader operator had been trained to "Get Out And Look" for hazards that may not have been present at the beginning of his shift. This loader operator also makes it a habit to "Get Out And Look" anytime he arrives at a work area.

To attain a "G.O.A.L" of zero accidents means you gotta "Get Out And Look" for hazards.

Issued: 10/01/2003
Tag # AP2003-M098

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