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Miner's Tip

Hand Tools - Jacks

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Mine Type: All Mines
Category: Maintenance

In a recent three-year period, 89 hand tool injuries in mines were caused by improper use of jacks. Many of these injuries were caused from:

1. Uneven bottom
2. Wrong size bar
3. Fingers in pinch points
4. Jack set crooked
5. Too small a jack for the weight being lifted

You can reduce or eliminate injuries that occur from improperly using jacks by following these suggestions.

1. Shovel the ground under the jack -
    use a wooden plank to level
2. Use the proper length of bar
3. Keep hands and fingers away from pinch point areas
4. Use the proper size jack for weight being lifted
5. "Take Two." Take two minutes to study the
    complete job site before performing the task.
Illustration of Accident

Issued: 01/24/2003
Tag # AP2002- M060

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