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Miner's Tip

Pre-operational and Workplace Inspections

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Mine Type: All Surface
Category: General Safety

Miners have been injured or killed when conditions were overlooked during these inspections.

Recommendations for pre-operational and workplace inspections:

  1. Carry a checklist while conducting inspections.
  2. "Danger off" any hazardous area or tag defective equipment immediately. Make a record of the readings and hazards.
  3. Seek assistance when inspecting areas or equipment with which you are unfamiliar.
  4. Walk slowly through the area and around equipment inspecting for hazards above, below and adjacent to the workplace.
  5. Take all necessary tools, warning signs and detection equipment with you during the inspection. Check and calibrate detectors prior to use.
  6. Notify the proper people so that the hazards or defects can be corrected as soon as possible.
Click here for helpful pocket cards to supplement your checklist during these inspections.

Issued: 03/19/2003
Tag # AP2002-M085

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