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Scooping in the "Right Direction"

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Mine Type: All Underground Mines
Category: General Safety, Haulage and Transportation and Material Handling

Scooping in the Right Direction Scooping in the Right Direction
The mining industry has experienced serious injuries and fatalities involving scoops, duckbills, shield haulers, etc. By traveling in the opposite direction from the loaded end some of these accidents can be prevented.

To improve operator visibility, if possible, travel in the direction of the battery or motor end. If this is done when the bucket is loaded, no load related visibility issue is created because the motor or battery end is always in the direction of travel. If material falls off it won't impede travel or be run over.

Protect yourself and other miners by recognizing and eliminating potential hazards.

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Issued: 06/21/2005
Tag # AP2005- 91282