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Miner's Tip

Welding Hazards

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Mine Type: All
Category: Maintenance

Drawing depicting welder getting shocked
Electric shock from welding can kill!! Any electric welder, AC or DC, has the power to cause electrocution if the electrode touches your bare skin while you are grounded.

Two recent accidents have occurred when employees were using an electric arc welder. They received electrical shocks resulting in one fatality and a near-fatality.

Drawing depicting welder To avoid electric shocks and possible electrocution, personnel should take the following precautions:

The avoidance of electrical shock is largely within the control of the welder. Therefore, it is especially important that the welder be thoroughly trained on safe welding procedures. Safe procedures must be observed at all times when working with equipment having voltages necessary for arc welding. These voltages can be dangerous to life. Even mild shocks can cause involuntary muscular contractions.

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Reissued: 8/19/2002 
Tag # AP2002-M043