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Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
Miner's Tip

Shrapnel From Miners' Bits

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Mine Type: All Underground
Category: Longwalls and Section Face Equipment

Shrapnel From Miners' Bits A continuous mining machine operator was fatally injured when a piece of shrapnel from a miner bit flew back from the face. A sharp, lethal piece of steel, traveling at a high speed struck him in the neck.

Hard carbonate nodules had been encountered in the cut resulting in a large amount of sparking at the face. The accident investigation revealed the shrapnel came from a miner bit which had lost its tungsten carbide cutting tip.

From September 2000 through July 2003 there have been seven reportable accidents and one fatal accident involving shrapnel from an operating continuous mining machine's cutter head. MSHA strongly recommends miners:

Remember "SAFETY IS A VALUE" you can live with.

Issued: 09/05/2003
Tag # AP2003-M095