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Surface Haulage Trucks Tipping Hazards

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Mine Type: All Surface Mines and All Mills and Plants
Category: Haulage and Transportation and Mobile Equipment

Surface Haulage Trucks Tipping Hazards A fatal accident occurred when a truck dumping coal on a stockpile tipped and fell onto the cab of an adjacent truck, which was dumping alongside it. During the winter months, be mindful that wet materials will freeze to the truck bed. Loads should not be left in dump boxes overnight. So many times "hung loads" are kept elevated and the material is attempted to be dislodged by hard braking and sudden acceleration. This can cause the truck to tip-over or damage the mounting points from the hoist cylinder to the truck bed. Frequently check, after dumping, to make sure beds are empty. Small build-ups can soon become large build-ups.

Keep these tips in mind when dumping:

  • Stay clear from trucks when they are dumping.
  • Always deflate trailer air springs prior to raising the dump body.
  • Hoist cylinders are not strong enough to resist tip-over.
  • After dumping, remove "little build-ups" before they become large ones.

Issued: 10/18/2004
Tag # AP2003-M059

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