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Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
Miner's Tip

Moving A Stacking Conveyor

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Mine Type: All Surface and All Mills and Plants
Category: Belt Conveyors and Material Handling, General Safety, Material Handling

Moving A Stacking Conveyor A crusher foreman was killed as he activated the stacker controls near the tandem wheels of a stacker conveyor while moving it with a front end loader. The stacker was connected to the loader with a chain. Even though the radial wheels were raised for moving, they contacted loose material which tightened the chain and nearly overturned the stacker that was still electrically energized and fully functional. The victim was attempting to raise the radial wheels higher to free them from the loose material, when the accident occurred. As the radial wheels rose, the tension in the chain caused the stacker to lunge toward the loader and the victim was caught by the tandem wheel next to the controls.

Issued: 10/04/2006
Tag # AP2006- 92134

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