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MSHA'S Accident Prevention web site includes safety tips, programs, and material that can be used to prevent accidents in the mining industry. The safety tips, programs and material were donated by miners, mine operators, MSHA employees, and other interested parties. Safety ideas applicable to the mining industry may be suggested by those in mining, construction and related fields worldwide. Miners and mine operators are encouraged to consider how these tips and ideas can improve the safety at their workplace.

We encourage you to submit your ideas for inclusion on this site. You can do this by presenting your ideas to any MSHA employee or directly to the Accident Prevention Committee. If your idea is posted, you will receive recognition for your idea, both on this site and in any hardcopy publication.

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Incident Reduction Program

The Incident Reduction (IR) Program offered by MSHA Technical Support, Applied Engineering Division (AED) began in late 2002 to assist in the reduction of mining accidents. The program is voluntary i.e. the operator asks the district for assistance and in turn, the district requests AED assistance. The effort begins with an initial meeting with the district, mine operator and AED; at this meeting AED explains the process and the operator decides to request the program or not. The effort is a one year program and consists of interviews with employees, consultation with the district and the operator's managers, review of statistics and accidents, review of the mine's safety culture and program, observance of work habits and mining process, and a written report of findings and recommendations by AED. Quarterly follow-up continues during the annual effort and consists of visits and quarterly update reports of company response/action to the initial report. To date, over 20 coal mines, preparation plants or contractors have received assistance as part of this program with average results being a 60 percent reduction in the NFDL rate for the participating mines by the end of the year long effort.

Safety Tips and Ideas

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More Resources

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Innovative Products
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New Technologies for Accident Prevention
    Through the use of new technology, the mining industry is realizing gains in the areas of employee safety and health.
Murphy's Laws for Coal Mine Safety

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