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MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
Safety Ideas and Tips
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Section Face Equipment
Safety Ideas Miner's Tips
Green Arrow Bad Battery Box Insulation
Green Arrow Mechanical Proximity Warning Device
Green Arrow Permissible Warning Lights
Green Arrow Pinch-point Protection for Mobile Bridge Conveyor Operators
Green Arrow Remote Control Mining Machine Safety Features
Green Arrow Shuttle Car Traffic Control
Green Arrow Trailing Cable Hazards
Green Arrow X Marks the Spot (RCCM)
Green Arrow Be Aware of Electrical Hazards!
Green Arrow Bridge Crossings
Green Arrow Cable Handling, Remote Control Continuous Miners
Green Arrow Don't Enter the Turning Radius Until the Remote Control Continuous Miner Stops Moving
Green Arrow Energized Receptacle Hazards
Green Arrow Jammed Conveyor Hazards
Green Arrow Keep Your Mind On Your Work
Green Arrow Roof Bolter Drill Boom Tip
Green Arrow Shrapnel From Miners' Bits
Green Arrow The Middle of the Remote Control Continuous Miner Is Not A Safe Place
Green Arrow Tramming Safety Using Remote Controls
Green Arrow Tramming While Positioned Within The Turning Radius Of The Remote Control Continuous Miner Can Be Fatal
Green Arrow Turning a Remote Control Continuous Miner
Green Arrow When Radio Signal is Lost, Don't Approach Remote Control Continuous Miners