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Solar-Powered LED Lighted Signs

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Mine Type: All Mines
Category: Haulage/Transportation, General Safety

Mr. Charlie Brumfield said that the mine where he works has made driving at night on the haul roads much safer by installing solar powered LED stop signs in the high traffic areas. The solar powered stop signs use LED lights to flash the word "STOP" every couple of seconds to help alert drivers of an upcoming intersection.

Solar-Powered LED Lighted Signs The photographs to the right show the same stop sign flashing on and off. The flashing indication also assures equipment operators of the location of the intersection with respect to where the operators are on the haul road.

Independent highway studies have shown that installation of these signs improve safety by reducing intersection run-through. Solar-powered LED signs are commercially available and can help reduce the chances of injuries and fatalities (Click here to see the Innovative Product posting for more information).

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Issued: 12/22/2009
Tag # AP2009-97481