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Location Tags For Underground Mine Phones

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Mine Type: All Underground
Category: Communication
Location Tags on Mine Phones

Occasionally, miners are transferred to sections of the mine where they normally do not work. Although the miner should know where he or she is working on that shift and how to escape, if an emergency occurs, the miner may not be immediately aware of their exact location within the mine. One way to assist the miner is placing a tag on the mine phone / pager with its location. When the miner or visiting personnel uses the phone, they can easily inform the dispatcher of their exact location from the information on the tag.

Once the dispatcher is aware of the specific miner's location, they know immediately where to send assistance or provide other needed information.

The tag on the mine phone should be durable and easy to read. The tag should be firmly attached to the phone to prevent it from falling off due to the effects of moisture and rough handling. Remember to update the tag to the new location if the phone is moved.

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Issued: 03/23/2011
Tag # AP2011-99031