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Mine Type: All
Category: Training

The mining industry is experiencing a shortage in available experienced miners. Because of the shortage, it is becoming necessary for mining companies to employ inexperienced miners. Therefore making a comprehensive and effective training program for new miners is an industry imperative. There is an old adage about history repeating itself. The industry should do everything possible to ensure that the type of accidents that occurred in the late 60's and early 70's due to inexperienced miners does not happen again. New Miner Alert

  • Over 400 new miners have experienced accidents in 2004. It is important that new miners receive comprehensive training that ensures their career begins with proper behavior based training. Recently a new inexperienced miner was nearly killed due to being hit by a shuttle car. The miner had received training for the roof bolter he was operating but it became evident from the type of accident that a more effective overall training program should be conducted to include all aspects of the working section.

  • Organized, site specific and effective task training, in accordance with 30 CFR, Part 48, should be conducted for all new miners.

  • Total comprehensive training will reduce the potential for accidents caused by lack of experience or knowledge. The training should include the task training for the specific equipment the miner will operate as well as the aspects of the other equipment operating in the mine and general work tasks. The training should also include hazards recognition and accident prevention.

Issued: 01/28/2005
Tag # AP2005-S101