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Bad Battery Box Insulation

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Mine Type: All Underground
Category: Electrical, Mobile Equipment, & Section Face Equipment

Bad Battery Box Insulation Sagging equipment battery compartment covers caused by loading from external forces may be an indication that damage to the internal insulation and /or electrical components has occurred. Sagging battery covers and badly worn insulation can result in arcs and sparks that may cause a fire or shock. Even though the battery compartment of certain diesel or electrical powered equipment must be afforded fire protection by an automatic fixed fire suppression system, the associated risk of fire or shock can be minimized by periodically examining the insulation in the battery compartment. Extraneous materials and supplies should not be stored on the battery box.

A sagging battery compartment cover should be replaced or repaired if its insulating lining is contacting components in the battery compartment. Conductor insulation, fuse holders and connectors as well as the linings of battery compartment walls and cover should be examined and replaced or repaired if wear or abrasion is noted.

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Issued: 02/25/2004
Tag # AP2004-S094