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Conveyor Safety Features Should Not Be Options

Safety Something YOU can live with!
Mine Type: All
Category: Belt Conveyors and Material Handling

When buying a conveyor system, don't try to get a lower price by eliminating safety features. Fatals have occurred when safety features were not used along conveyor belts. Compare systems with all standard safety features manufacturers have to offer.

Is stretching a dollar worth the risk? According to conveyor manufacturers, features commonly deleted from systems to "save" money are:

    Pull cords along the conveyor
    Stop buttons at critical locations
    Backstops (roll-back protection)
    Start-up warning systems (audible and visual)
    Lockout devices
    and, amazingly, guards!
When compared to the overall cost of a conveyor system, these important features are a small portion of the total cost and should be considered an investment. Such features are vital in protecting workers from inadvertent contact with conveyor belts.

Issued: 08/22/2002
Tag # AP2002-S054

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