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Explosives-Handler Identification

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Mine Type: All coal and metal surface mines
Category: Drilling/Blasting/Explosives

An international company is in the process of equipping all personnel responsible for the handling of explosives with high visibility reflective vests. This is intended to establish a uniform/unique standard color for explosives handlers. The expected results: Explosives-Handler Identification

  • Higher visibility of explosive handlers on mine and construction sites.
  • Easy identification of all explosives handlers in the blast area.
  • Rapid identification of any unauthorized employees in the area.
  • Trained mine personnel will be able to easily identify who is handling or has control over explosive materials on the site. Miners can also identify and avoid blasting areas by observing the uniform/unique high visibility vests worn by employees working there.
Implementation of this policy standardizes the on-site appearance of the explosive users and provides a better opportunity to "Be Seen - Be Safe."

MSHA strongly concurs with the use of color reflective materials and identification programs that enhance visibility and communications. Unique color choice or markings will help ensure the effectiveness of the program.

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Issued: 05/30/2006
Tag # AP2006 - 0092592