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Truck Body Up

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Mine Type: Surface Mines - All
Underground Mines - Metal, Non-Metal and Stone Mills and Plants - All
Category: Haulage and Transportation, Mobile Equipment and General Safety

Eighteen accidents have occurred with raise truck beds since January 2000. Eight came in contact with a powerline(s), seven struck an overpass/bridge and three hit an overhead conveyor.

Truck Body UI Body-Up indicators/alarms are commercially available and can help reduce the chances of injuries and fatalities. Body-Up indicators/alarms should be located in/on the cab for best visibility and/or loud enough to hear (See Innovative Products). If you are unsure as to where to purchase such products and have them installed, contact the National Truck Equipment Association.

When operating your truck always utilize the risk assessment tool SLAM RISKS - Stop, Look Analyze, and Manage.

  • STOP and LOOK for any low clearance structures.
  • Operators should ANALYZE each load/haul/dump site to identify potential RISKS and hazards.
  • MANAGE to be watchful and obey signs/overhead markers.
  • Hazard awareness and training should always be implemented.
MSHA has an Accident Prevention Innovative on this topic. To see this Innovative Product, please use this link.

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Issued: 09/16/2005
Tag # AP2005-S91025