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Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
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Pre-packaged Belt Move

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Mine Type: All Underground
Category: Conveyors

Typical Parts List Injuries and strains can occur while lifting and loading heavy, unwieldy objects. Water, mud, low height, darkness, and other impediments can combine to make any job dangerous. Any means to reduce or eliminate manual lifting and carrying of heavy objects is an idea worth considering. The pre-packaged belt move is a smart method of lessening the risk of injury. Pre-packaging is that it reduces the risk of injury, increases efficiency, provides relief from rehandling and reloading the extra parts, dealing with waste.

When soliciting bids from conveyor venders, require them to deliver their supplies in pre-packaged belt move bundles. This makes it easier, quicker, and safer to handle and install the belt move.

The Pre-packaged belt move may reduce accidents and injuries.

Reissued: 04/30/2002
Tag # AP2002-S012