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Near Miss Incident - Door Latch

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Mine Type: All Underground
Category: Mobile Equipment and Haulage and Transportation

The operator of an M-2 longwall shield hauler hit a bump in the road resulting in the door latch accidently releasing which caused the door to open. The door is used as the back rest of the operator's seat. The operator fell out of the cab while the machine was still in motion, but he was able to reach up with his foot and apply the emergency brake to stop the machine.

Near Miss Incident - Door Latch

The mine operator installed an additional latch (keeper pin) at the bottom of the door to prevent the door from inadvertently opening. MSHA does not approve or otherwise endorse any particular door latch however; equipment and components should be designed to prevent the creation of potential hazards.

If your tip is selected, you will receive credit in this space. It is suggested you evaluate your machine door latches to assure the door will not be susceptible to inadvertently opening, allows for quick emergency exit, and is safe and comfortable for the operator. The equipment manufacturer should be consulted if changes are needed.

MSHA extends a thank you and a tip of the hardhat to
Dugout Canyon Mine.
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If your tip is selected, you will receive credit in this space.

Issued: 01/29/2009
Tag # AP2008-PAR6618689