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Dump Point Warning Light

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Mine Type: All
Category: Haulage

Unaware that a berm had been removed, a water truck operator backed his truck over the edge of a stope in an underground gold mine. The truck fell approximately 50 feet fatally injuring the truck driver. A similar incident occurred at a different mine less than 2 years later.

Fisher Mining Surface Coal Mine Installation
Fisher Mining Surface Coal Mine Installation

Newmont Carlin East Gold Mine Installation

A recently developed warning light system has the capability of warning truck drivers when they near the edge of dump points and can provide an effective safeguard in addition to well maintained berms. The warning light system consists of a laser and flashing light. The light flashes once every two seconds to indicate that it is operational. When the truck interrupts the laser beam, the light glows brightly without flashing, providing an indication to the truck driver that the stopping point has been reached. This light has been successfully tested at an underground gold mine and is currently in operation at a surface coal mine.

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Issued: 09/23/2003
Tag # AP2003-S090

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