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Getting On And Off Equipment Safely

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Mine Type: All
Category: Mobile Equipment and Haulage and Transportation

Each year an average of 175 miners has been hurt getting on or off equipment. Special measures can be taken to improve footing or ladder design to improve the situation. MSHA suggests the following: Getting On And Off Equipment Safely

  • Newer self-cleaning ladders can be installed. The steps have raised perforations that allow material to be pushed through.
  • Ladders can be redesigned and realigned with at least 5 degrees of incline for easier entry and exit. This keeps the miner's center of gravity closer in to the machine.
  • Where possible, install stairways in lieu of vertical ladders.
  • Slip resistant material can be coated to existing ladders, handrails and landings.
  • Additional handholds and access lighting can be installed.
  • Footwear with slip resistant design can be used.
  • Steps should be highly visible and easily reached by all persons.
  • Always maintain 3 point contact when getting on or off equipment.
Existing mobile equipment should be analyzed for field improvements to include any of the above suggestions. New equipment specifications should include ingress/egress engineering improvements such as the above mentioned.

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Issued: 03/11/2005
Tag # AP2005- 90817