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Mobile Equipment Fires

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Mine Type: All Mines
Category: Mobile Equipment and Fires

Mobile Equipment Fires A "Near Miss" incident occurred when a miner was driving a lube truck back to its' parking area. The miner noticed smoke in the truck cabin and saw flames coming from the battery box. Fortunately, the miner was able to escape with no injuries.

The following suggestions may help avoid this situation:

  • Keep machines clean; identify and fix hydraulic or fuel-system leaks.

  • Ensure electrical systems are properly insulated and mounted to prevent a fire.

  • Install automatic fire-fighting systems on vehicles to reduce the risk of harm to personnel and damage to the vehicles.

  • Use high-quality fire-fighting equipment, conduct frequent professional service on the equipment and regularly training personnel on its' use.

  • Supervisors should train operators on how to conduct proper pre-shift and post-operation inspections of equipment. Inspections should be performed using a designated inspection report form to record your checks/comments.
  • In the event a fire occurs, pull to the side of the road and when possible, turn off the ignition.

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    Issued: 5/21/2012
    Tag # AP2012 - 100273