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Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
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Support Vehicle Identification

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Mine Type: All Surface
Category: Haulage

Crushed Pickup Truck Many miners have died after the car or truck they were driving was crushed by a large surface mining machine. In every case, the primary cause was determined to be an inability to see the smaller vehicle. Although eliminating blind spots by way of mirrors and cameras is the best means of reducing this hazard, one simple remedy can give immediate relief. Most surface mines use bright warning flags on their smaller vehicles. As the size of loaders, haulage trucks, scrapers, and other large machines has increased in recent years, the height of these warning flags for them has remained the same. MSHA suggests raising the height of the flag to the middle of the mirror of the largest piece of haulage equipment in operation. This action puts the flag at the operator's eye level, making it much more noticeable . A flashing strobe light mounted on the smaller vehicles is also an effective warning device and, when coupled with a properly extended flagpole and flag, provides excellent warning to equipment operators.

Telescopic poles with flags and strobe lights are commercially available and can help reduce the chances of injuries and fatalities.

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Drawing with Short Flag Pole Drawing with Longer Flag Pole

Reissued: 04/30/2002
Tag # AP2002-S016