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Hoisting, Towing and Rigging Safety

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Mine Type: All Mines
Category: Hoisting

Every year many miners are injured while performing maintenance related activities. Hoisting, towing, and rigging accidents make up a large portion of maintenance related injuries. Serious injuries can occur while towing vehicles, moving longwall equipment, lifting motors, and installing conveyor belts. No matter what your specific job entails, remember the following best practices to reduce the risk of being involved in a serious or potentially life threatening accident. Hoisting, Towing and Rigging Safety

  • Stay away from pinch points and suspended loads which can lead to injury if the rigging device should fail.
  • Inspect devices for signs of wear such as rust, metallic loss, fraying of rope, broken strands in cables, elongation of metal, etc.
  • Obtain the weight of the object you are planning to move and do not exceed the rated capacity of your hoisting, towing, or rigging tools.
  • Never modify towing equipment unless the manufacturer approves of the change.
  • Stay completely out of the direct line of pull of the rope or chain.
  • Never weld hooks on equipment in order to attach ropes or chains for towing or hoisting.

For additional information please see MSHA's Safety Target website and look under maintenance.

Issued: 07/16/2010
Tag # AP2010-98298