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"Know Your Ropes"
(A Sequel to "Wire Rope Safety")

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Mine Type: All Underground
Category: Hoisting & Elevators

Know Your RopesKnow Your Ropes

A wire rope may look good on the outside but could be hiding corrosion on the inside. Internal corrosion of a wire rope is a dangerous condition. It diminishes the rope strength and leads to premature failure. Mine operators often use rock salt and calcium chloride to remove ice buildup from the slope. When these salts dissolve, the brine created can penetrate the rope and accelerate corrosion.

Consider the following to minimize wire rope corrosion and increase the life of your ropes:

Rusty Ropes can be the PITS! "Know Your Ropes!"

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Issued: 09/16/2005
Tag # AP2006 - 91088