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Ladder Landing Areas
in Relation to Stairways

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Mine Type: Surface Metal/Nonmetal - Surface Coal
Category: Fall Protection

Ladder Landing Safety Workers have been seriously injured when falling from platforms or ladders. An accident potential exists when the landing area of a ladder is near the entrance to the top landings of stairways. Factors creating this potential include individuals being required to "back" down the ladder and unable to see the stairway opening.

The natural act of stepping backwards upon reaching the platform can result in a fall down the stairs. These types of accidents can be prevented by not locating ladder landing areas across from top landings of stairways or, by installing a self closing gate or guard across the opening at the top of the stairs. The gates must remain closed at all times. A single careless act of leaving the gate open could negate the good plans of prevention. A self closing device on the gate and a sign to alert workers to keep the gate closed should help to ensure the protection is always present.
Ladder Landing Safety
Reissued: 04/30/2002
Tag # AP2002-S052

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