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Maintenance Communication / Accountability

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Mine Type: Surface Mines - All mines, mills, etc.
Category: Communication and Maintenance

Roger Spencer, Superintendent of the Sentinel Mine, and his staff have adopted a new reporting system to reduce maintenance miscommunication and add additional accountability into their daily maintenance routine. For example, a miner will report a maintenance issue with a piece of equipment to the supervisor and sign and date it on a dry erase board located in a central area. Once the maintenance staff has corrected the condition, they indicate the job completion along with the date on the board and initial it. Only the miner who reported the condition can erase the information from the board once the issue has been corrected. Whether you are located at a surface or underground mining operation, by using this system you can improve communication and ensure maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner.

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Issued: 05/30/2006
Tag # AP2006- 92671