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Safety Idea

Personal Safety Lighting for
Surface Operations

Safety Something YOU can live with!
Mine Type: All Surface
Category: General Safety

Surface mine worker Joseph Bove urges people to work a little safer in the dark by "shedding a little light". Mr. Bove writes, "Although our quarry is a daylight operation, as the days grow shorter, start-up, shut-down, and maintenance can be in the dark. I recently tried some lights that hook on an elastic strap that fits on a hard hat. They are lightweight, simple to use, and cheap to buy. This simple device stops us from dragging around extension cords and portable lights, and avoids trying to hold a flashlight under your arm while trying to do a task that requires both hands. They illuminate where the miner is looking, this avoids trip hazards, and allows the miner to concentrate on the task he is doing, not on how to hold the light. That saves on numerous busted knuckles and fingers."

There are many available headband light products that either clip or strap to your hard hat for a nominal price ($20.00). These lights provide hands free illumination, superior lighting, and there is no cord to get tangled up in machinery. A small investment can allow for hands free working and shed a little light onto a potential slipping or tripping hazard.

Issued: 03-19-2003 
Tag # AP2002-S062

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Joseph Bove
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