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Slurry Line Safety

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Mine Type: All Surface
Category: Material Handling, Maintainence and Training

Two fatalities have occurred in the last 4 years due to frozen or blocked plant slurry lines. Accidents occurred when miners were hit by the pipe or ice dislodged during the process of correcting the problem. These types of accidents can be prevented by: Slurry Line Safety

  • Eliminating low spots that allow water to be trapped in the pipeline and frozen when the system is shutdown in cold weather.
  • Designing and installing the pipeline with proper slope to allow all water or slurry to drain into the slurry buffer tank.
  • Prudent engineering design that ensures proper velocity of material to prevent material from settling out in the pipeline.
  • Revising the operators training plan to include procedures and safety precautions in the event of line blockage or freezing.
  • Blocking the pipeline to prevent motion that may injure miners if the line becomes plugged.
  • The use of jet power cleaners for removing blockage in the pipeline.

Issued: 02/11/2005
Tag # AP2005-90753

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